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Brendan Sweeney is an internationally performed composer whose music focuses on explorations of time, absurdism, and examination of the medium itself. His work often employs acoustic rendering of electronic techniques, quotation, collage, and humor to explore idiosyncrasies of music throughout human history, as well as quirks unique to the sonic arts and their exhibition. Brendan’s musical inspirations show an enthusiastic curiosity for music that could only be created in the digital age, and searches for authenticity of self-expression in each project. 

His music has been performed across the United States as well as in Italy, France, Austria, Canada, and Brazil.  His teachers include Tina Tallon, Scott Lee, James Paul Sain, Paul Richards, Paul Koonce, and Tyler Kline. He has also worked with  Michael Daugherty, Reinhard Fuchs and Justin Dello Joio.

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