Summer Consortium 2019


The annual summer consortium is an opportunity for musicians from around the globe and every situation to collaborate in the creation of a new piece of music! Spearheaded by a new artist or ensemble, every year sees the birth for a new work and an entirely different genre of instruments.

This year's piece will be a 10 minute work for Clarinet Quartet and the featured artist will be 

Disassembled Clarinet

the North Carolina professional quartet Splinter Tongue. Being a consortium member not only means first rights to the finished piece, but also access to exclusive content and benefits associated with the work. Consortium pieces are premeired all over the United States, and past works have seen performances at the International Saxophone Symposium ("Finding Oasis" 2016) and the Canadian Women's Brass Collective Conference ("Colossus" 2017).


About Splinter Tongue

Splinter Tongue is a clarinet quartet based in Greensboro, North Carolina and is comprised of clarinetists Niles Loughlin, Cassandra Kossman, Kyle Kostenko, and Andrea Tiffany. While at the University of North Carolina - Greensboro, the ensemble won 1st prize at the Music Teacher's National Association Chamber Ensemble Competition at the state level in 2018. In addition to collaborations with young composers and recording modern works for clarinet quartet such as Graham Fitkin's "Vent",  the ensemble is a formidable part of the Greensboro music scene and does outreach work with many secondary schools in the area. 


When can I join?

Enrollment is now open! You can join at any point from now until September 1st 2019.

What do I get as part of the consortium?

As a member of the consortium you will receive:

  • A limited edition score and parts that will be signed and numbered

  • Your name and city/university affiliation will appear in the program notes of this and all future editions of the work

  • Consortium members will receive any revisions and future editions free of additional charge

  • Exclusive performance rights for one year following the world premiere by Splinter Tongue

  • Access to online collections of drafts, sketches, and other exclusive content dealing with the composition

  • Rehearsal consultation either in person or if necessary electronically

When will the piece be finished?

The new work will be completed and materials will be delivered to consortium members in September 2019.

Who can join?

Any individual who would like to be a member of the consortium is welcome to join! Quartets are able to join as an ensemble provided they can guarantee a performance with in one year of the world premiere.

I want to join, how much will it cost?

The enrollment fee for the consortium is $20 for individuals and $60 for quartets that would like to enroll as an ensemble and can guarantee a performance with in one year of the world premiere. 

How do I pay?

The enrollment fee can be paid in the store page of the website via PayPal!

Payments can also be made via Venmo, paid to @Brendan-Sweeney-14

Payments through Facebook Pay are also acceptable!

For other forms of payment (check, band transfer, zelle etc.) must be approved on a case by case basis. Send an email to

Can I request an invoice?

Absolutely, invoices are available upon request and receipts come with every enrollement.