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Consortium for Solo Tenor Sax and Electronics

Saxophonist Ryan Gamberino and composer Brendan Sweeney
are collaborating on a new work for Tenor Saxophone and Electronics!
This new work, which will be designed as a recital piece of about 5 minutes in length, will be a musical collage centered on the double life of the saxophone. 
Ryan - the lead consortium member for example - while being a classical saxophonist in most of his day to activities, is also the front man for the brasshouse group SOOZA. This paradigm of the saxophone finding one foot in commercial music and one in concert music is fully embraced in this new piece, where the soloist cuts back and forth dramatically from impressionist sonata to dance chart with intensity!
The soloist will be backed by a fixed media playback soundscape, that will incorporate samples of SOOZA and accentuate the whiplash from chamber music to dance floor. Ryan and Brendan will work closely in the coming months going over drafts and different iterations of the media to create a work that is exciting, entertaining and an excellent addition to any soloist recital program. Please consider joining the consortium and supporting the creation of this piece! More information on consortium specifics below. 


When can I join?

Enrollment is now open! You can join at any point from now until June 1st, 2022.

What do I get as part of the consortium?

As a member of the consortium you will receive:

  • Access to shared drive with unlocked files of the score and playpack

  • Your name and city/university affiliation will appear in the program notes of this and all future editions of the work

  • Consortium members will receive any revisions and future editions free of additional charge

  • Exclusive performance rights for one year following the world premiere by Ryan

  • Access to online collections of drafts, sketches, and other exclusive content dealing with the composition

  • Rehearsal consultation either in person or electronically

When will the piece be finished?

The new work will be completed and materials will be delivered to consortium members in August of 2022.

Who can join?

Any individual who would like to be a member of the consortium is welcome to join!

I want to join, how much will it cost?

The enrollment fee for the consortium is $35 for individuals who would like to join. 

How do I pay?

The enrollment fee can be paid in the store page of the website via PayPal!

Payments can also be made via Venmo, paid to @Brendan-Sweeney-14

For other forms of payment (check, wire transfer, zelle etc.) must be approved on a case by case basis. Send an email to brendansweeneymusic at gmail dot com

Can I request an invoice?

Absolutely, invoices are available upon request and receipts come with every enrollement.


About Ryan

Ryan Gamberino is a musician, performer and entertainer. He studies saxophone with Jonathan Helton at the University of Florida, and he is also interested in musical psychology and chemistry. Ryan is interested in creating works for the concert stage that capture audiences within a visceral experience.


SOOZA BRASS BAND is a six-piece brass band from Gainesville, Florida. What started as a few college friends playing their favorite tunes together quickly became the well known horn line of Gainesville. SOOZA's high energy performances keep crowds on their feet all night long. Via five horns and a drum kit, they freshen up old school funk with a pop/dance lean. The classical backgrounds of each SOOZA musician underscore the complex rhythms and sophisticated melodies of their original music. Upbeat, unconventional, and unadulterated, a Sooza show guarantees a full sensory experience for every audience.

find out more about SOOZA here!

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 2.47.44 PM.png
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